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Use custom objects to track metrics specific to your business. 

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Marketo availability

Not all customers have purchased this functionality. Contact your sales rep for details.

Use custom objects as filters and triggers in your smart campaigns. For example:


After you've created the custom object structure, when you upload the specific custom object data, the custom objects are automatically associated to people in the database using the link field in the custom object. You can view information from the Custom Objects tab on the lead person details page.

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Go to

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Open your
database and click the
People tab. Double-click the record for a person you associated to a custom object.

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On the
person detail page, click the Custom Objects tab. Select the object from the drop-down.

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Now you can view a list of all custom objects of that type that are associated to that person.

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Using Custom Objects with Companies

A custom object that's linked to the company works best if you sync down companies from the CRM or if you explicitly create companies using the API. We also recommend that you use the Company ID as the link field.

If you have multiple people in Marketo that are lead records in the CRM or Marketo-only records, a custom object linked to a company won't get associated with more than one individual lead record. This is because a company having multiple people underneath it is supported only when companies are synced down from the CRM or if you use an API to explicitly create companies.

Custom Objects can only directly link to a single lead record. This means that when your custom object type is linked by company field, you should ensure that your person records are associated to a company either using contact conversion in your CRM, or using the externalCompanyId field, if you manage companies using Marketo’s REST APIs. For person records that aren't linked explicitly to company records, custom objects linked using company will be randomly linked to a single lead single  record, even if the value of the company field is shared across many people.

See Import Custom Object Data for more information.