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Account Scoring is a vital part of Account Based Marketing. It helps you determine the level of engagement of your accounts.

What is Account Scoring?

It's a systematic approach designed to help Sales and Marketing teams identify and prioritize the companies (including prospects) that are most likely to make a purchase.

In the complex world of B2B buying processes, it’s rare that a single individual makes a purchase decision. There are often various roles involved, each with their own needs. Account-based scoring takes this into account by aggregating the lead scores from multiple leads and providing a score at an account level.

Common Examples

Account Engagement ScoreDepth of engagement based on behavioral activities tracked across various channels (e.g. email, web, ad) from people in specific target accounts.
Account Product Interest ScorePeople from target accounts showing interest in the content from a specific product (e.g. downloading a white paper).
Account Web Engagement ScorePeople from target accounts visiting web channel. Same score can be created to measure channel engagement from email, ad, or other channels.

How to Configure Account Score


To calculate account scores, you first need to create lead scores. Marketo ABM automatically aggregates lead scores to account scores. As an example, we'll take two of the above examples (Account Product Interest Score and Account Web Engagement Score).

First, create lead score fields that capture relevant details from each lead of a target account.
Then assign those lead scores to their respective account scores:
Account Product Interest Score = SUM (Lead Product Interest Score)
Account Web Engagement Score = SUM (Lead Web Engagement Score)


Users can create multiple account engagement scores and assign different person scores to different account scores.

Once you've configured the lead score, proceed by following the steps below.

1. Click Admin.

2. Click ABM.

3. In Account Score Settings, click Edit.


You can choose up to five fields to calculate the Account Score.

4. Enter the Account Score name, click the Select Person Score drop-down and select the corresponding score.

5. Click Add Account Score to add more scores.

6. Add all desired scores. Click Save when done.

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