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A social button encourages people to share your content with their friends. Drop it on free-form landing pages, Facebook, and your website.


Not all customers have purchased this functionality. Contact your sales rep for details.

1. Navigate to your free-form landing page and click Edit Draft. 
2. Drag over Social Button from the elements on the right.
3. Select Social Buttons (with Analytics).


Once your landing page is active, see the activity generated by your social button (with Analytics) on the Social Dashboard.

If you add a Like/Recommend Button (Lite) instead, see the number of shares in the landing page performance report

4. Select Create New from the drop-down menu.



You can also create a social button inside a program by selecting New > New Local Asset.

5. Name your social button, select None from Clone From, and click Insert.



To save time, you can use the Clone From option to copy all settings from an existing social button.

Congratulations! You have added a social button to your landing page. Be sure to approve the landing page. You can also publish the landing page to Facebook or put the social button on your website.

You're done, but you can change the settings of your social button if necessary. Start with customizing the button style or editing the share messages it presents.