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See how your smart campaigns are performing.


Marketo is now standardizing language across all subscriptions, so you may see lead/leads in your subscription and person/people in These terms mean the same thing; it does not affect article instructions. There are some other changes, too. Learn more.

1. Create a report and select the Campaign Activity report type.
2. Set the time frame of your report and click the Report tab.
3. Great! Explore your report to identify your most effective campaigns, grouped by campaign type.



To find the campaigns that processed the most people, for example, sort your report on Total People Processed and choose Sort Descending

Click the name of a smart campaign to open it.

Columns that you can select for a Campaign Activity report include:

Batch Run CountNumber of times the campaign was run.
Total People ProcessedNumber of people who have been through the campaign's flow.
People in Wait StepIf a campaign is still running, the number of people that remain in the Wait step.
Removed from FlowNumber of people who have been removed from the campaign.
Last ActivityThe last time that a person was processed by the campaign.

Campaign types in the report:

BatchBatch campaigns in the Marketing Activities tab.
Run ActionPerson Actions run from the Database.
Triggered (Active)Current triggered campaigns in the Marketing Activities tab.
Triggered (Inactive)Inactive triggered campaigns in the Marketing Activities tab.


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