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Landing page modes are defined by their template. Learn more about free-form and guided landing page templates.


To use a custom template, you must first create a guided landing page template.

Create a Guided Landing Page in a Program

Guided landing pages can be created as local assets of a program or in the Design Studio to be used globally.

1. Go to Marketing Activities.
2. Select your program. 

3. Click the New drop-down. Select New Local Asset.

4. Select Landing Page.
5. Name your landing page. Click the Template drop-down and select Guided Template.


Guided landing page templates have the -- icon next to them. Guided templates are structured so they can remain fully responsive.

Create a Landing Page in Design Studio

1. Go to Design Studio
2.  Click the New drop-down. Select New Landing Page. 
3. Name your landing page. Click the Template drop-down and select Guided Template.

4. Click Create.


The URL is constructed automatically from the program and landing page names. To change the URL, edit the Page URL field.

Clear the Open in editor checkbox if you don't want the editor to open immediately after clicking Create.

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