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Here's how to create a segment using Known Person Data values.


Manage Person Data

1. Go to Segments.

2. Click Create New.

3. Enter a segment Name.

4. In Profile Segmentation, drag Database over to the canvas.

5. Select a person data field from the drop-down.

6. Enter a Person Data value.

There can be only one value for each field. For example, if you want to add multiple values for the job title field, you need to create a new line with the same field name for each value. Be sure to use the OR value to ensure that any value captures a match.

Selecting Multiple Person Data Fields

1. Click + to add another person data field.

2. Select the AND / OR operator. Select the field to add. Select a Person Data Field. Enter Person Data Value.

3. Click Save to save the segment or Save & Define Campaign to save and go to the Campaigns page.

You have now set up a segment targeting Known Person data.