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First things first, you’ll need to create the Webex Event in WebEx Event center.  Marketo only uses specific settings and fields for your integration, which we’ll go through shortly. Other fields that you might configure for Webex are explained in the WebEx Event Center guide.

 Basic Information

  • Event Name - This name will be viewable in Marketo.

  • Unlisted Checkbox

    • It is recommended that you do not list your event. This will ensure that all people register through your Marketo Landing page. People that register through a mechanism other than Marketo will be displayed in Marketo after the event is concluded AND only if they attended the event.
    • If you choose to list the event, it will appear on the List of Events page for anyone who visits your Event Center Web site.
  • Registration:  Please check this box to set to “required.” You will use a Marketo form/landing page to capture registration information that will be pushed to WebEx. 
  • Event Password: Optional. If you use this field be sure to include it in your confirmation email!

Date & Time

  • Start date – enter your start date. This will be viewable in Marketo.

  • Start time – enter your start time. This will be viewable in Marketo.

  • Estimated duration – specify the duration of the event. This will be viewable in Marketo.

  • Time Zones – enter the applicable time zones. They will be viewable in Marketo.

Audio Conference Settings

 These settings will reside in WebEx only. They are not used by or viewable in Marketo, but they may be important for your webinar, so double check them!

 Event Description & Options 

 The following options are used by or viewable in Marketo. Other fields will reside in WebEx only.

  • Description – enter a description. This will be viewable but not modifiable in Marketo.

  • Post-event survey –Marketo will not be able to capture the information on a WebEx post event survey, at this time.

  • Destination URL – (optional) you could enter the URL of a Marketo landing page to serve as the destination URL to display after the session ends.

Attendees & Registration

 You will be controlling the invitation list, registration form, and other emails using a Marketo Event. Other functionality will not be supported by Marketo, including:

  • Maximum number of registrants – currently not supported using the Marketo-WebEx integration. Manual approval of registrants is available using the Pending Approval progression status in Marketo.

  • Registration ID required – currently supported using the Marketo-WebEx integration. You can use Marketo to send out the confirmation email for your Event. When the person registers, they receive a unique URL that they use to enter the Event.


    To populate your confirmation email with this unique URL, use the following token in your email: {{member.webinar url}} When the confirmation URL is sent out, this token automatically resolves to the people unique confirmation URL. 

    Set your confirmation email to Operational to ensure that people who register, who might be unsubscribed, receive their confirmation information.

  • Registration Password (Optional) – currently not supported using the Marketo-WebEx integration.

  • Approval Rules – currently not supported using the Marketo-WebEx integration. However you can use Marketo Smart campaigns to control approvals

Presenters & Panelists

The information configured in this section is not passed to Marketo.

Email Messages

 You will use Marketo to send out emails to your registrants, confirmation emails, etc. You do not need to configure anything in this section. Disable (uncheck) the email message options within WebEx.


The Marketo-WebEx integration cannot support sending confirmation emails out of WebEx. The confirmation must be sent via Marketo. After you have scheduled the event, be sure to copy the event information to the Marketo confirmation email and set the email to be Operational.

Now we're ready to jump into Marketo.

1. Select the event you created. Open the Event Actions drop-down. Choose Event Settings.


The channel type of the event selected must be webinar.

2. Under Event Partner, select WebEx.

3. Under Login, choose your WebEx login.

4. Under Event, choose your freshly created WebEx event. Then, select an optional Back-up Page and click Save.

5. Select an optional Back-up Page for your WebEx event. Choose from the drop-down of approved Marketo landing pages or enter the URL of a non-Marketo landing page.


Set a Back-up Page if you want a member to be directed to a specific page on the chance they click on their custom event URL prior to the event's start time.

Sweet! Your WebEx event is now synced with your Marketo event.


The fields Marketo sends over are: First Name, Last Name, Email Address.


People who sign up for your webinar will get pushed to your webinar provider via the Change Program Status flow step. Be sure to make that flow step 1, and sending the confirmation email flow step 2.


Avoid using nested email programs to send out your confirmation emails. Use the event program's smart campaign instead, as shown above.


It can take up to 48 hours for the data to appear in Marketo. If after waiting that long you still don't see anything, select Refresh from Webinar Provider from the Event Actions menu in the Summary tab of your event.

Viewing the Schedule 

 In the Program Schedule View, click the calendar entry for your event. You can see the schedule on the right side of the screen!



To change your event schedule you'll need to edit the webinar on the WebEx.