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Depending on the purchase date, your Marketo subscription may include either Marketo Predictive Content or ContentAI. For those using Predictive Content, Marketo is enabling ContentAI Analytics features until April 30, 2018. To keep these features beyond that date, please contact your Marketo Customer Success Manager to upgrade to Marketo ContentAI.

Here's how to set up your predictive content for emails.


Content must be approved for predictive content on the All Content page.

1. On the Predictive Content page, click a title to open the editor.

2. The edit page opens. Email displays by default.


The title and URL are already populated. Verify they're what you want.

3. To add/edit the button label, type in the text box to its right.


If you changed the button label, it will update when you save your changes or preview your image.

4. To add or edit the image URL, click Edit Image.


5. Insert the image URL and click Add.

6. Click and drag the slider to change the image size. Then click and drag the cropping box to isolate the desired image area you want to use. Click Preview when done.

7. Click the arrows on the sides to scroll through and view your content in each of the email layout previews (two options are shown).
8. Optionally, click the Categories field and add categories to the content. Options are from the categories you've already set up.

9. Check the box to enable Predictive Content in Email.

10. Click Save.


In Marketo Email Editor v2.0, you can also view the layout templates you use while you're enabling the content.

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