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Sometimes you need to make changes in a Workspace. It's easy.


Marketo is now standardizing language across all subscriptions, so you may see lead/leads in your subscription and person/people in These terms mean the same thing; it does not affect article instructions. There are some other changes, too. Learn more.

Admin Permissions Required

Deep Dive

Brush up on workspaces with Understanding Workspaces and Person Partitions.

1. Under Admin, click on Workspaces & Partitions.

2. Select the workspace you want to edit and click on Edit Workspace.

3. You can select a different lead partition and choose a different primary person partition from the drop-down.



You can create more person partitions if you need them.


The All Person Partitions checkbox means that this workspace can use all lead partitions in the system.




The primary person partition acts as the default and is where all people will be assigned.

4. If you enabled multiple branded domains, you can change to a different primary branded domain. Click Save.


You can't change the workspace language.