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You cannot create, edit, or delete a Link or Dedupe Field once the custom object is approved.

Edit a Custom Object

Use the Custom Object Actions menu to edit or delete a custom object.

1.  Click Admin, and in Database Management, select Marketo Custom Objects.

2. Select the custom object you want to edit on the right.

3. Click the Custom Object Actions tab and click Edit Object.


Edit Object shows the same fields as Create Object, except for the API name, which can't be edited.

4. Make any changes. Drag the slider over if you want to show the object on the Lead Detail page. Click Save.

5. Be sure to approve the edited object.

Delete a Custom Object

It's easy to delete a custom object, but you need to be careful. Custom objects may be connected to other objects or to smart lists. So, Marketo warns you before letting you click Delete.


You can't restore a custom object after you delete it.

1. Click Admin, and in Database Management, select Marketo Custom Objects.

2. Select the object you want to delete.

3. Click Custom Object Actions and select Delete Object.


You can also right-click the object and select Delete Object.

4. If the custom object is in draft form, not approved yet, you'll get this warning. If you're sure, click Delete.

5. If the custom object is already approved, there is greater risk if you delete it. So, you'll get this sterner warning. Enter I understand, check the Cannot Undo checkbox, and click Delete.


If the custom object is linked to an intermediary object, you must delete the intermediary object first.

Approve a Custom Object



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