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Create an Email Link Performance report to see how well the links in your emails are performing.

1. Create a report in a program and select Email Link Performance as the report type.

2. Click Setup.

3. Double-click on Date of Activity under Settings.

4. Set an appropriate time frame for your report. Click Save.

5. Click Report.

6. Great! Now you've created an Email Link Performance report.

Columns available for an Email Link Performance report include:

LinkGrouped by email name.
Click the plus (+) to see all links included that email.
ClicksThe number of times that link was clicked.
% ClicksOf the total clicks on all links in that email, percentage on this link.
PeopleThe number of unique people who clicked the link.
% PeopleOf the total unique people who clicked links in that email, percentage on this link.


If you want to know exactly what an individual person did, you can open up the Activity Log in the Person Detail page from the Members tab in the program.

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