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Get Marketo ABM added to your instance? Great! Let's take a look at what you need to do now.


Right-click (ctrl+click for Mac) on the links to open each article in a new tab.

Step One: Issue a License - Decide who on your team is going to be using ABM.
Step Two: Set Permissions - Assign specific aspects of ABM to certain users, or simply grant full ABM access.
Step Three: Configure your Account Score - Account Scoring is one of the key elements in Account Based Marketing. It helps you determine the level of engagement of each account.
Step Four: Create a Custom Field for CRM Discovery - Map an existing CRM Account field to a new Named Account custom field (if you don't use a CRM, skip this step).
Step Five: Create Named Accounts - Named Accounts hold the people from the companies you're targeting. There are four ways to create a named account:
Optional Step: Create and set-up Account Lists - Group accounts into lists allowing you to target named accounts by industry, location, or size of the company.


After following the steps above, you are ready to start using ABM! Learn more about utilizing ABM-specific filters and triggers, and measuring your ABM performance.

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