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You need to install the Marketo Sales Insight app in your Salesforce subscription before you can enjoy all the goodness Sales Insight provides. Here's how.

Admin Permissions Required


Marketo Sales Insight is compatible with Salesforce Platform (Shield) Encryption.

1. Go to the AppExchange page for Marketo Sales Insight and click Get it Now.

2. Click Log in to the AppExchange button and log in with your Salesforce credentials.

3. Click Install in production.


Choose Install in sandbox if you want to test it out in your sandbox first.

4. Read and accept the terms and conditions, then click Confirm and Install!.
5. With Install for All Users selected, click Install.
6. Click Done when the installation is complete.

7. Verify that Marketo Sales Insight is in the Installed Packages.

8. Click Setup next to your name.

9. Search for "objects", then click Objects under Create.
10. Double-check that Deployed is checked for all of Marketo Sales Insight items.

11. If an object is not deployed, click Edit next to the item.
12. Under Deployment Status section, select Deployed, and click Save

Great job! Now you've installed and deployed Marketo Sales Insight. Go ahead and configure it for your sales team and watch the sales skyrocket.

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