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Existing customers, please Upgrade Marketo Sales Insight for Salesforce1 before you continue!


Marketo Sales Insight in Salesforce1 includes: Best Bets, Lead Feed, Interesting Moments, and Add to Marketo Campaign.

Enable the Salesforce1 Mobile App

1. Click Setup and then Mobile Administration.
2. Click on Salesforce1.
3. Click on Salesforce1 Settings.
4. Click on Enable the Salesforce1 mobile browser app.
5. Click Save.
6. Select Mobile Administration.

7. Click on Manage the mobile navigation menu.

8. Select Marketo and Add it to the Selected menu items.

9. Select Marketo, move it Up to a desired area, and click Save.

Hide Outdated Marketo Custom Object

1. Click Setup.
2. Select Manage Users.

3. Select Profiles.

4. Click to edit any desired profiles.

5. Under Tab Settings, select the first Marketo.

6. Select Tab Hidden.


Make sure to hide the Marketo tab for all desired profiles!

Customize Tabs

1. Click +.

2. Click Customize My Tabs.

3. Select Marketo and Add it to the Selected Tabs.

4. Select Marketo, move it Up to a desired area, and click Save.

Customize Page Layouts

1. Click Setup.

2. Click Setup, type Page Layouts, and click Page Layouts under Leads.


Repeat the steps for every Page Layout that your organization uses (marketing, sales, etc.) for Contact, Account, and Opportunity objects.

3. Click Edit to make changes to the Lead Layout.

4. Click Visualforce Pages and then drag Lead Mobile to the Mobile Cards section.

5. Change the Height to 66 and click OK.

6. Click Fields and drag Add to Marketo Campaign to the Marketo Sales Insight section.


Type "Add to" into the Quick Find to make Add to Marketo Campaign easy to find.

7. Click Save.

Phew! You're finally done installing Marketo Sales Insight for Salesforce1! Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back.

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