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If users can access the admin settings on their laptops, you can send a registration code to them directly.

If you haven't received an invite email, ask your Marketo administrator to invite you.


You must be issued a Marketo Email Add-in License.


As of 10/1/20, the latest version of the Outlook plug-in no longer supports offline mode. This will take effect after installing/upgrading on or after 10/1.

Download Installer

1. Identify your Microsoft Outlook version.
2. Click the link to download the installer appropriate for your version of Microsoft Outlook.


The links below are currently only working in Chrome. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Outlook Version32-bit Outlook64-bit Outlook
Outlook 2000Not SupportedN/A
Outlook 2003DownloadN/A
Outlook 2007DownloadN/A
Outlook 2010DownloadDownload
Outlook 2013DownloadDownload
Outlook 2016DownloadDownload
Outlook 2019DownloadDownload
Outlook O365 (Windows only)DownloadDownload
Outlook for MacNot SupportedNot Supported
Outlook Web AppNot SupportedNot Supported

Copy Your Registration Code

1. Copy the registration code from the invite email you received.
2. Close Microsoft Outlook.


1. Run the installer.


If you get a security warning, don't worry! Just click Run.

2. Click Next.
3. Fill in First NameLast NameEmail Address, then copy and paste the Registration code from the email into the form and click Next.


If the install fails, check with your IT department to ensure that HTTPS traffic is not blocked. The installer requires HTTPS traffic to be open.

4. Click Next to install in the default location.
5. Click Next.


If you get a security prompt about an unknown publisher, click Yes.

6. The installation is now complete, click Close.
7. Now open Microsoft Outlook and see the Marketo buttons.

 Excellent! Now the Marketo buttons are in a better place.

Learn more about using the Marketo Message and Log With Marketo actions.