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Are you a keyboard shortcuts person? We've got you covered!

Area Navigation:

Keyboard ShortcutArea
Alt/Opt + SDrop-down Superball menu
Alt/Opt + MMarketing Activities
Alt/Opt + DDesign Studio
Alt/Opt + LDatabase
Alt/Opt + AAnalytics
Alt/Opt + CCalendar
Opt + NAdmin
Opt + OMy Marketo

Calendar/Schedule View Navigation: 

Keyboard ShortcutAction
Alt/Opt + Up ArrowMove back in time
Alt/Opt + Down ArrowMove forward in time
Alt/Opt + TGo to 'Today'


Keyboard ShortcutAction
ESCClose pop-up
Return/EnterSubmit pop-up
Ctrl + Alt/Opt + HHide/Unhide a field in the form editor



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