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Landing pages templates that were created before the January 2015 release need to be upgraded to be mobile compatible.

 This can be done in two places, the Template Editor and the Landing Page Editor

Upgrade from the Template Editor

1. Go to the Design Studio.

2. Select Templates.

3. Select a template where Mobile Compatible is No.

4. Click Edit Draft.

5. Click Make Mobile Compatible.

6. Click Upgrade.

Your landing page template is now mobile compatible!


Upgrading should be harmless, but make sure to check pages for any discrepancies. Upgrading will create drafts of any landing pages using that template.

If you make any changes to the template, Click Template Actions and select Validate Mobile Compatibility.

What Makes a Template Mobile Compatible?

Great questions! Your template must have have the following tags:

Must have <!DOCTYPE HTML>

Must have a <HEAD> element

Must have a <TITLE> in the <HEAD> element

Must have <META CHARSET="UTF-8"> within the <HEAD> element

Must have a <BODY> element that contains one (and only one) <DIV class="mktoContent"></DIV>


If everything looks good, you'll see this message.

If something is wrong, an error message will display, click repair to fix the issue and repeat the validation process.

Upgrading a Template from the Free-form Landing Page Editor

When you're editing a landing page and you click on the mobile tab, you'll sometimes notice the template has not been upgraded. Fear not! You can upgrade it right there.

1. Click the Mobile tab.

2. Click the check box and click Activate.


Activating the mobile version of a template will create drafts of any landing pages that use it.

Awesome! You can now customize the mobile view of all your landing pages that use this template. 

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