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Named Accounts hold the people from the companies you're targeting. The dashboard provides current data of each attribute for all your named accounts.

Named Accounts Dashboard


Named accounts are sorted by Created Date by default, however you can sort by any column that has a sort icon in its header.


Marketo shows all CRM users synced into Marketo as filter values of "Account Owner" or "Member of Account Team."

Named Account Attributes

IDNamed Account's identification number
Named AccountNamed Account's name
PeopleAmount of people attributed to Named Account
PipelineSum of Amount of all the opportunities in your CRM system that aren't Closed Won or Closed Lost
Open OpportunitiesAll the opportunities in your CRM that are not Closed Won or Closed Lost.
DomainNamed Account's domain (e.g.
IndustryType of industry attributed to Named Account
SIC CodeStandard Industrial Classification - four-digit code for classifying industries
RevenueThe company's annual revenue
EmployeesNumber of employees attributed to a Named Account
Account ScoreAggregate of lead scores from multiple leads to provide score at an account level
CityNamed Account's city
State/RegionNamed Account's state or region
CountryNamed Account's country
Created DateDate the Named Account was created
Account OwnerOwner of specified account
Account Team MemberMember of group of stakeholders that work together on specific accounts
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