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For those of you who signed up for Sales Connect, you may have noticed a little aqua semi-circle to the right of your browser. Meet Niko!

Niko allows you to bridge the gap between browsing the web and Salesforce. As you browse the web, we will pull in every email address on the pages you visit, allowing you to easily add contacts to Salesforce. Niko also makes it easy to access analytics on a prospect and set up reminders on any site.

Niko is a great tool to utilize from either Gmail or Linkedin, without ever having to page back and forth from Salesforce.

Niko is designed to eliminate the extra clicks it takes to add a contact into Salesforce or update your records.

As an added bonus you can compose an email on the fly using Niko without ever having be in your email client or the web application.

You can also see all of the past emails you sent to that recipient so you can be sure to be up-to-date on your contact with them.

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