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When you first sync to Microsoft Dynamics, you download and install the latest version of the plug-ins for Marketo Sales Insight (MSI). Periodically, Marketo updates these plug-ins, so you can return to the same place to download the new version.

Please download the latest plug-in corresponding to your Dynamics release.


These versions work for both on-premise and online versions of Dynamics.

Updating your MSI Solution

1. Import the latest version of the solution over the existing version of your Dynamics CRM (ex: if your Dynamics CRM has version 1.4 and the latest version is 1.5, you would import over version 1.4).
2. You will see the following pop-up. Select the Update and Overwrite customization options, then click Import.

Version Updates

VersionRelease DateNotes
07/20/ fix: Add a validation message for non synchd records

Bug fix: To Hide MSI Secret Password on MSD API Config


Bug fix: To change MSI role Id Validation for displaying MSI buttons


Bug fix: Unhide owner field and making  fields non mandatory


Bug fix: Removing MSD CRM sitemap setting link dependency

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