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Sales Phone makes it easy for you to communicate internationally. For customers calling from within the United States, Sales Phone can be used for outbound calls to international countries. For customers outside of the United States, we support calling from international countries.


We generally do not support calling to international mobile numbers, and Alaska is treated as an unsupported international number.

Supported Countries

CountrySupported Country Codes
Argentina54221, 54223, 54261, 54291, 54341, 54342, 54351
Austria43, 431, 4312288, 43438, 4350, 4357, 4359, 436555, 43677, 4369988, 4369989, 43720, 43780, 439


5511, 5521, 5527, 5531, 5541, 5551, 5561, 5562, 5581, 5585
Cyprus  357
Denmark  45
Greece  30, 3021
Hungary36, 361
Ireland  353, 3531
Kazakhstan  76, 77
Latvia  371
Mexico52, 5233, 5255, 5281
Netherlands  31
Norway  47
Peru  5112, 5113, 5114, 5115, 5116, 5117
Poland  48, 4832
Portugal  351
Singapore  65, 658, 659
Spain  34
Sweden  46
United Kingdom44, 44203, 44207, 44208
United States1, 1800,1808, 1844, 1855, 1866, 1867, 1877, 1888

International Calling FAQ

Why doesn't MSE support international calling for all countries?

Today, we offer international calling with Sales Phone for no additional cost. We want to make it easy for you to communicate with your own prospects and customers, therefore we’ve launched support for standard rate international calls. We provide coverage to 34 countries outside of the US and Canada for regions in Europe, Asia, and other key destinations. We will continue to expand based on feedback from customers.


If I’m outside of the U.S., what countries can I call from and to?

Here is the list of countries we currently do not support calls from and to. If the country you are calling from is supported, you will be able to call any other international country we support.


Are there specific types of numbers I cannot call with Sales Phone?

Yes. We do not support calls to premium rate service phone numbers (such as 900 numbers in the U.S. and +449 numbers in the U.K.). In general, we do not support calling shared cost phone numbers as well as a small number of other premium routes.


Can I use local presence when calling international?

No. Local presence is available for U.S. numbers only.


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