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Salesforce Lightning is a cool new Salesforce user experience. But even though it looks different from Salesforce Classic, you still sync it with Marketo the same way. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The Salesforce Admin can assign Lightning to users on an org level or at the person or profile level
  • Salesforce Classic isn't going anywhere, so you don't have to change
  • You can toggle back and forth between Classic and Lightning
  • There are a few features that are currently not supported


The latest version of Sales Insight on the App Exchange supports both Classic and Lightning modes.

A Quick Tour

Here's a quick look at the Marketo part of Salesforce Lightning. 

1. Click the App Launcher icon in the top bar.

2. Then, click the Marketo tile.

3. On the main Marketo Sales Insight page, click a lead's or a contact's name.

4. On the lead or contact page, click Details to drill down.

5. Scroll down the Details page to see Marketo Sales Insight Interesting Moments and other information.

Unsupported Features

Marketo doesn't support a few features of Lightning:

  • Bulk email sending - You can't choose a set of leads or contacts and send them an email at one time
  • Bulk adding of leads or contacts to a Marketo campaign at one time
  • The View in Marketo link on leads and contacts 
  • The link to the Opportunity Influence Analyzer within opportunities


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