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Welcome to Marketo! Feel free to use the following checklist as a visual to-do list to get things started. Details can be found in Setup Steps.

 Log-in to Marketo and Create Additional Users

1. Log-in to Marketo
2. Create additional users

Set up an Authorized Support Contact

3.  Set up an authorized support contact
4. Customize Landing Page URLs 
5. Select a Landing Page CNAME
6. Ask IT to create a DNS Record for your Landing Page CNAME
7. When IT is done, set up your landing page domain name in Marketo 

Ensure Email Deliverability

9. Ask IT to set up a DNS record for your email CNAME 
10. Ask IT to allowlist Marketo
11. Set up DKIM and SPF in the Admin area
12. Set up MX for [FromDomain1]
13. When IT is done with the email CNAME, setup your email CNAME in Marketo

Submit a URL for Landing Page and Email Templates

14.  Fill out form to submit a URL for new templates

CRM Sync

15.  Work with your CRM admin to sync all CRM contacts to Marketo

Add Tracking Code to your Website

16. Work with a web developer to add tracking code to your website

Setup Steps

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