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Marketo gives you the ability to share a model(s) across workspaces. Here's how.


Marketo is now standardizing language across all subscriptions, so you may see lead/leads in your subscription and person/people in These terms mean the same thing; it does not affect article instructions. There are some other changes, too. Learn more.

1. Go to the Analytics section.

2. Right click the My Models folder and click on New Folder.

3. Name the folder.

4. Drag the model(s) you want to share into the Share Folder.

5. Right click your folder and click Share Folder.


Sharing a model with another workspace allows those users to run reports based on the model.

6. Select the workspaces you want to share the folder with and click Save.

It's that easy! Now people from other workspaces can move through the shared model. You may want to run person assignment in that workspace, see Launching Your Revenue Cycle Model for details.