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If you are having issues with the .NET add-in, first check to make sure you have the latest version. If you are not seeing the ToutApp add-in tab at all, it may have been disabled. Click here to see how to enable it. If you are still having problems after enabling it, check the options below.



This is our old add-in. If you already have it installed, it will continue to work until 2020. If you are a new user, please install our new Office 365 add-in.

Check for Updates

1. Click on the ToutApp tab in Outlook.
2. Click Check for Updates.
3. Restart Outlook.

Uninstall/Install Outlook Add-In

First, click ToutApp in the navigation bar, then click Log In and make sure you're logged in to ToutApp.
1. Click the Start menu.
2. Find ToutApp in the Programs list.
3. Click it and see if it shows registered or unregistered. If it is unregistered, please register and then relaunch Outlook and try logging in again. If it is registered, please unregister and follow the rest of these steps.
4. Navigate to the Control Panel.
5. Pull up Add/Remove a Program.
6. Select ToutApp from the list and choose to Remove it.
7. Re-download here:

Send Diagnostic Report

If a fresh install does not resolve your issue, send us a diagnostic report so we can have a record of any errors that occurred.
1. Click on the ToutApp tab in Outlook.
2. Click Options.
3. Click Send Diagnostic Information.

Submit a Ticket

If you are still having issues, submit a case to Support. Please include the following information.
  • Brief explanation of how you got to the error
  • Version of Outlook
  • Screenshot of the error
  • Error details
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