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Success Path

In the model, the green path aka the Success Path is the optimal path of how a lead linearly transitions to a closed/won business. 


Example Stages on a Success Path:

Review New NamesReview if new names are qualified
ProspectQualified prospects who are not yet sales ready
LeadMarketing qualified leads (“sales ready”)
OpportunitySales accepted leads, actively working
CustomerClosed Won deals


Green is for money. Everything on the path of green is on the path to success! That's why there are only green arrows in the Success Path Analyzer.


Recognizing that not all leads follow a linear “success path”, you should also define your “detour stages” to capture leads that are not qualified, or that require a few rounds of nurturing before becoming ready. For example:

DisqualifiedNames marked as not-in profile
InactiveProspects that have gone non-responsive
RecycledQualified but needs more nurturing (linked to Prospect)
LostLost opportunities (ongoing nurturing)


These are not on the green path. These stages won't be shown in the Success Path Analyzer.

Seeing how leads will flow in the future will be that much easier! Say hello to your new little friend.