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If Marketo is a powerful car, the smart campaign is truly the engine. It's simple to get started but can do almost anything you ask of it.

The smart campaign has 3 main areas: The Smart List, Flow and Schedule tabs.

Smart List

The smart list is how you define WHO you want to target with your smart campaign.  It has filters and triggers.

FilterClicked Link

Collect all of the people in a batch that qualify at the present time.

TriggerClicks LinkThe moment someone does something, fire the flow immediately.

You can combine filters in various ways as well as use them in conjunction with triggers.  This is a powerful tool--experiment with it.


The flow includes the steps you want the smart campaign to perform, including Wait steps and split choices.


Finally, this controls when you run your smart campaign.  You can even set up recurrence so it runs on a repeating schedule.

There is an enormous amount of things the smart campaign can do. Get the hang of it and you'll find everything in Marketo becomes much simpler to understand.