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A token is a variable. You use it in emailslanding pages, and smart campaigns to make your life easier. You can use My Tokens (custom tokens) in flow steps, webhooks, emails, and landing pages.

 You can use tokens to include variable content in these flow steps:

  • Change Data Value
  • Interesting Moment
  • Salesforce Campaign Steps (add, remove, change status)
  • Create Task
  • Send Alert (in trigger campaigns only)



Not all customers have purchased this functionality. Contact your sales rep for details.

1. In the flow step, start typing '{{' to get token categories.

Deep Dive

Check out Tokens Overview for a list of several available tokens.

2. Keep typing until you find the token you want and click to select.


Multiple tokens can be used in Interesting Moment, Create Task, and Send Alert flow steps.

Cool! The data will be pulled from the token when the smart campaign runs.