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Not all customers have purchased this functionality. If you are interested, fill out this questionnaire.

All Marketo accounts start on a shared IP.  While the operations team provisions your dedicated IP, you can still send email. This document contains important information on beginning to send from your dedicated IP Address.

Dedicated IP Ramp U

To maximize long-term deliverability, ramp up your volume on your dedicated IP slowly.  We call this "warming up your IP."  It starts cold and sending mail warms it up.  Cold IPs sending out a ton of mail are sometimes flagged as spam.

For the first 5 days of your sending from your dedicated IP stay under these limits:

  • Total (all domains): 50,000 messages/day
  • Hotmail & MSN & Outlook.com10,000 messages/day
  • Yahoo & Rocketmail & YMail: 4,000 messages/day
  • AOL & Aim: 10,000 messages/day

After the first 5 days, you can start to slowly ramp up the volume.  

ImportantMaintain a minimum of 50,000 emails per month.  This establishes a consistent pattern for reputation and deliverability.


Keep your database clean and it will keep your deliverability high. Have customers opt-in to marketing communications.  Don't spam.


If you see high numbers of bounces or other problems, contact Marketo Support.

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