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The User Login History helps maintain accountability and security by showing you exactly who's been logging into your subscription, including failed login attempts.


You must have a role with the Access Login History permission enabled to view the User Login History.

The User Login History identifies people who log in by:

  • Login Time and Date
  • User's name and email address
  • Role
  • Workspace
  • IP Address

To view the User Login History:

1. Click the Admin tab and under Security, click Users & Roles.

2. Click the Login History tab. The listing shows the most recent logins.

3. Use the Filter to narrow your search.

4. Select a date range using the date pickers.

5. Or, choose from the drop-down.

6. Select users from the Users drop-down.

7. Check the Only Failed Logins box to display only failed logins in your search.

8.  Click Apply.


The user interface displays up to 30 days of data. If you need more, you can download the most recent six months of data to a csv file.




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