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Marketo is now standardizing language across all subscriptions, so you may see lead/leads in your subscription and person/people in These terms mean the same thing; it does not affect article instructions. There are some other changes, too. Learn more.


Pause a person in a smart campaign flow with the handy wait step.

Notice how you can type in natural language like "4 hours." Do not, however, abbreviate the words (i.e. 4 hrs). The smart campaign would still run, but the wait step would be ignored.



Changing the duration of a wait step will not affect people that have already entered it. For example: you have a wait step for 5 days, a person enters it, you then change the wait step to 7 days - that person will still only wait the original 5 days before advancing to the next flow step. 


If you have someone already in a wait step and you don't want them to advance after the wait period ends, insert remove from flow right after the wait step. Specify who you want removed by using the add choice option.


There are three main ways to use a wait flow step:

  1. Use a Duration in a Wait Flow Step
  2. Use a Specific Date in a Wait Flow Step
  3. Use a Date Token in a Wait Flow Step