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We give you the option to configure your emails so they can be delivered through your own custom SMTP server. This way you can control the deliverability of the emails you're sending.

1. Navigate to our SMTP set up page from Settings.
2. Enter the required information. Ask your company's IT administrator if you have questions about what to enter here.
3. If you’re on a Team plan and see the option to Send all Tout emails in my team through this server connection, you can decide if you’d like to roll this out for just yourself or your entire team (we do not support this feature for Office 365 SMTP Integration.)
4. Choose Authenticate and Save. ToutApp will now deliver all emails through your server.


If you run into errors setting up SMTP, try changing your port number.


Because every SMTP portal is different, we do not have access to these SMTP credentials. If you're unsure of what goes in each field, reach out to your SMTP provider.

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