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  1. SEO - Remove/Delete a Page Issue

    Not all page issues might be useful to you. Here is how to remove one: Go to the Pages section. image2014-9-18 14:0:16.png In the pages section, click Issues. image2014-9-18 14:0:30.png Hover over the page issue you want to remove. Click REMOVE. image2014-9-18 14:0:38.png Clicking DELETE will permanently remove
    Marketo DocsSep 25, 2014
  2. Issue a License

    You'll need to set users up with a license to use ABM. Here's how to do that. The number of available licenses will vary based on your subscription. If you need more, please contact your sales rep. Click Admin. one.png Click Users & Roles. Select the user to issue the license to, click the Issue License drop-down
    Marketo DocsSep 08, 2016
  3. SEO - Add/Remove Page Issue From a List

    You can organize your page issues into lists. You can also remove page issues from a list. Add Page Issues to a List Go to the Pages section. image2014-9-18 14:3:10.png On the pages tab, click Issues. image2014-9-18 14:3:18.png Hover over the page issue you want to add. Click ADD/REMOVE FROM LIST. image2014-9-18 14:3
    Marketo DocsSep 25, 2014
  4. Issue a Marketo Email Add-in License

    Anyone who wants to use the Marketo Email Outlook Add-in must first be issued a license. There are two ways to provide the license. Enterprise Key Installation … , the Marketo Admin issues licenses to a list of authorized users. Next, the IT team remotely deploys the plugin to all authorized users' computers using the Enterprise
    Marketo DocsApr 26, 2017
  5. Issue/Revoke a Marketing Calendar License

    To make use of your Marketing Calendar seats, you need to issue licenses to users who need access. Here's how. Go to the Admin section. adminhand.png 2. Click on Users & Roles. 2.png 3. Select the user(s) and click Issue License. Use Ctrl/Cmd+click to select multiple users in one go. 3.png 4. Check Enable License
    Marketo DocsMay 10, 2017
  6. SEO - Export Issues to CSV

    You can export your page issue data to a CSV file if you'd like to share that information with people outside of Marketo. Here's how. Go to the Pages section … Results is a list of all the issues with that particular page. image2014-9-18 13:16:12.png Click Export. image2014-9-18 13:16:39.png Perfect! You've now downloaded
    Marketo DocsSep 25, 2014
  7. SEO - Add Notes to Page Issues

    Did you know you can add notes to page issues as personal reminders or team messages? Adding Notes in Page Issues Section Go to the Pages section. image2014-9-18 13:11:43.png On the pages tab, click Issues. image2014-9-18 13:12:0.png Hover over the issue you'd like to add a note to. Click ADD STICKY NOTE. image2014-9
    Marketo DocsNov 20, 2014
  8. Fix Dynamics Validation Sync Issues

    Validate Sync Tool Results When you run the Dynamics Validate Sync, it generates this report. If there's an delete.png next to a step, see below to identify and fix the problem. Then rerun the sync validation steps until the result shows nothing but checkmarks. image2015-9-22 15:58:12.png URL is valid If you have an de
    Marketo DocsOct 23, 2015
  9. Notification Types

    you to critical issues found with the CRM sync, such as incorrect permissions or the sync being down. Microsoft Dynamics Dynamics notifications are sent once … credentials and exceeded API limits. salesforcesyncerror.png Engagement When leads become exhausted in a stream, we send a notification. The notification includes
    Marketo DocsSep 16, 2019
  10. gotowebinar_user_guide.pdf

    of upcoming meetings - This check box becomes available if you select Remember me on this computer and provides reminders for your scheduled meetings. • Automatic … available in the hallway • New Welcome Mat window • Fixed an issue where organizers did not see the "Remember me" check box when they entered their name and email
    Marketo Docs / … / Welcome to Marketo DocsAug 01, 2018