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Create Users

Go to the Admin area and click on Users & Roles.
Click on Invite New User.
Enter the Email address, First Name, and Last Name. (image for position only)

Enter a reason for the invitation, and provide an expiration date. (image for position only)



Marketo tip

An expiration date is great for short-term external stakeholders or consultants, who need Marketo access for a brief time.

Marketo note

When the expiration date arrives, the new user receives notification, and the account is locked (not deleted). The admin can unlock the account if necessary.

Select the Role of your choice and click Next.

Image Removed
Verify the message is OK, or edit it if necessary. Click Send.

Image Added

Marketo note

The Email/Login needs to be unique, if you have used it already in a sandbox instance, you will need to use a different one in production and vice versa.

The user will receive an email with instructions on how to activate their account.