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Go to the Marketing Activities area.
Select your push asset and click Edit Draft.
Go to Setup.
Select your desired app. Android and Apple platforms are enabled by default.
If your Push message applies to only one platform (for example, cases for iPhones), then you can exclude the other platform by sliding its selector to Disabled.


Click NEXT.

Enter message text or select the token icon to add tokens. Then, select a Tap Action.

Marketo note

If a platform is enabled, it appears on the left side of the phone screen display. It displays in color when it's selected.

Marketo definition

There are three types of Tap Actions:

Launch App - This App opens the home page of your app when the notification is tapped. Custom uses a deep link to open other areas of your app or any other app to which you have the link (see Deep Link URIs below for details).

Landing Page - takes you to a specified Marketo landing page.

External URL - takes you to a non-Marketo landing page.

To insert a deep link for a custom tap action, click Custom and enter the deep link URI in the field.

To insert tokens, select a token, enter a default value, and click Insert.

Marketo note

Tokens appear where you place the cursor in the text box. You can use more than one token.

Marketo note

Messages and Tap Actions will look the same on both platforms.

For iOS only, check the checkbox to tell the app to play a sound when the message arrives. Android plays the sound automatically.

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Preview the other platform and click FINISH.