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Token TypeDescription
Calendar File --Use this token to add a calendar event file (.ics) to your emails and landing pages.

Date --

This token holds a date value. The date displays as year-month-day (e.g., 2016-05-23).
Email Script --Use this token to execute a Velocity script in your emails. Learn more here
Number --Any integer. It can even be negative.
Rich Text --This is HTML. Use it in emails and landing pages.
Score --Use this token in the change score flow step
SFDC Campaign --Use this token to allow leads that become part of a Marketo Program to also be added to whatever SFDC Campaign is added.
Text --Just some text. Use it when HTML is overkill. The size limit for Text tokens is 524,288 characters (UTF-8), or 2 MB.

Marketo caution

My Tokens will not resolve when sending an email from Sales Insight on either Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce; only standard tokens will populate (Lead, Company, etc.). Default values for tokens will work, however.

Nesting Tokens

When you make a new token, it can be referenced by other objects in the tree. There's a naming structure for where the token was created for easy management.

  • Local Token: The token was created right in that program or folder.
  • Inherited Token: The token was created up the tree somewhere in a higher level program or folder.
  • Overridden Token: The token was inherited and then someone made an exception in this program or folder.

You can make global variables and then override them at lower levels in the tree.