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Enable Custom Object 

Click Admin and the Salesforce Objects Sync link.


If this is your first Custom Object, click Sync Schema.
Click Disable Global Sync.

Marketo note

An initial sync of the Salesforce custom object schema may take a few minutes.

Drag the custom object you wish to sync into the canvas.

Click Enable Sync.

Click Enable Sync again.

Marketo reminder

Don't forget to re-enable your global sync!

Go back to the Salesforce tab.

Click Enable Sync.

To view
your Salesforce custom objects,
To view all of your Salesforce custom objects, click Admin and the Salesforce Objects Sync link (same as step 1 above).

Marketo note

Marketo only supports custom entities that are linked to standard entities one or two levels deep.

Excellent! You can now use data from this custom object in smart campaigns and smart lists.

What's Next:

Add/Remove Custom Object Field as Smart List/Trigger Constraints