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In Marketo's new Email 2.0 Experience, email templates are composed of any combination of Elements, Variables, Modules, or Containers. Each is defined by adding Marketo-specific syntax to your HTML. Old (v1.0) email templates are supported in Email Editor 2.0; however, they will not include all of the new Editor's features. Marketo email syntax only works in templates and individual emails; they do not work if embedded in Snippets or Rich-Text Tokens.

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Marketo note

Marketo Support is not set up to assist with CSS/HTML. If you are not familiar with CSS/HTML, please consult your developer.

Marketo caution

Class values containing Marketo syntax (i.e. mktoModule, mktoContainer, mktoText) are case sensitive. Custom attribute names (i.e. mktoimgwidth, mktoname) are not.