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Subscription level settings are honored for users who are using Universal ID, for example, roles, permissions, and password policies. User profile level changes are reflected in all subscriptions, for example, first name, last name, and email address.

Marketo note

Universal ID is not enabled on your subscriptions by default. Please contact Marketo Support to have this feature activated.

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When you log out and back in, Marketo automatically logs you into the subscription you were last logged into. You can then switch to a different subscription if necessary. Marketo note

Single Sign-on (SSO) works with Universal ID. However, currently you cannot invite a user who wants to have access to second subscription that is SSO enabled. The user must opt-in first with a non-SSO subscription and then can be invited to a SSO enabled subscription. However, if a user is invited to a second subscription that's non SSO, they can opt-in and then can be invited to a third subscription that's SSO enabled. 

Community Profiles

If you have multiple subscriptions, you may have multiple community profiles. We recommend that you choose the login that's linked with your most active community profile.