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Marketo note

The engagement score is calculated 72 hours after each cast. Learn more about the engagement score.

 View the Engagement Dashboard

Select your engagement program and click View > Dashboard.


Marketo tip

Check out the engagement stream performance report for more detailed statistics.

Understand the Exhaustion Widget

This widget helps you anticipate when leads will have exhausted all content. This example shows that in 1 cast, 195 leads will have exhausted all content.


Marketo note

The exhaustion score is calculated immediately after each cast.

Marketo caution

People who are "exhausted" will not receive any communication in the next cast.

Understand the Engagement Over Time Widget

Shows the average engagement score over time and the impact of content edits. 

Marketo availability

Please contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this widget.


To show a single piece of content instead of an average, click the gear icon, then select the piece of content.

Understand the Highest Engagement Widget

A list of all content, ordered by the highest engagement score.

To change the sorting, click the gear icon, then select the sort order.