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Go to Admin and click Field Management.


Marketo tip

If you want the fields to be kept in sync with your CRM, create them in the CRM and they will automatically be created in Marketo.


Click New Custom Field.
Choose the field Type. This will change how it is rendered in smart lists and forms in Marketo.

Marketo tip

Check out the Custom Field Types Glossary.

Enter the Name as you want it to appear in Marketo.
Pick the Name and
The API Name
carefully, as renaming fields can be difficult and in some situations not possible.
is automatically generated. You can tweak it, but it cannot be renamed once set. Click Create when done.

Marketo caution

Field names cannot start with the following characters: .  &  +  [  ]

Marketo note

The automatically generated API name is used by the SOAP API and other backend processes.

You can now use this custom field in forms, flow steps and smart lists!