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ランチに出かけている間にメールのスケジュール変更をしなければならず困ったことはありませんか。Marketoモーメントのアプリは、iPhone、iPadやAndroid端末でメールやイベントのキャンペーンの状況をリアルタイムで確認したり、今後実施予定のキャンペーンの確認ができます。App Store及びGoogle Playよりダウンロードが可能です。





Email デリバラビリティへのシングルサインオン

When you click the email deliverability tile, you no longer need to provide your login credentials.

Campaign Prioritization

Have you set up several personalized RTP campaigns and noticed that some of them may overlap with others? Go ahead and set a priority for which campaigns’ RTP should show over others.

Company API

Company object access via the REST API: The REST API now provides access to the Marketo Company (a.k.a. Account) object. That means you can read, update and delete company objects you created in Marketo and associate leads with such companies using the updated Lead API.

Learn more in our reference guide for the Company API.

Access Email Deliverability

Access Email Deliverability Tool: This new permission allows admins to grant users access to the Email Deliverability tool.