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VersionRelease DateNotes support for out-of-box qualify lead to contact process for Microsoft Dynamics Version 9.x. fix: Business Process Error while trying to install the Marketo Solutions for Dynamics 2013. fix: Internal revision.

11/9/16Bug fix: The plugin did not subscribe to events that capture the state change of the custom object. This fix is specific to Dynamics CRM On Premise 2011. fix: Updates of opportunity contact role weren't being captured completely.

Bug fix: An unnecessary update transaction on the customeropportunityrole in the marketo log was noted when the opportunity was created.

Bug fix: An extra delete transaction was logged when deleting the customeropportunityrole entity. fix:  Made the update and delete of custom objects asynchronous. fix: When the lead had a sync filter set to NO, and the opportunity and contact didn't have a sync filter, the Create Log wasn't generated for the contact and opportunity when the lead was qualified. fix: An Assign Event was logged when the sync filter was turned off. fix: Customer couldn't create a lead in CRM because the login user didn't have Marketo Config permission. fix: Created access limits for normal Dynamics users to address security concerns. fix: Updates in Dynamics were not syncing to Marketo for steps and images. fix: Lead records were syncing to Marketo when sync filter was set to false.