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Marketo is now replacing Predictive Content with our new artificial intelligence-powered solution, ContentAI. Learn more about these changes and Marketo’s other natively built AI solutions.



After you approve a title for predictive content, you work on it here. 


The Predictive Content page displays all of the titles you have approved for predictive content.

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Page fields include:

  • Image and Title: The name of the piece of content and selected image
  • Enabled by Source: Shows if the title is approved for Rich Media, email, or the Recommendation Bar. 
  • Categories: Created by you and used to group your predictive outcomes for web or email
  • Clicks: Total clicks on recommended content (including all sources)
  • Conversion Rate: A percentage calculated by direct conversions divided by clicks. Hover to see additional data (see below)
  • Assisted Conversion: Visitors who clicked on recommended content in a past visit and completed a form later

Filtering Content


You can filter content by categories you've created. Click the search filter icon and under Category, select the one or more content categories. 

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Enabled Source

Filter by each type of enabled content: Email, Rich Media, Recommendation Bar.
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Analytics by Source

Filtering enabled content analytics gives you the ability to see how each source is performing.
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Numbered Headings

Display Analytics by Date

To display predictive content analytics for a specific date or date range, click the calendar icon and make a selection from the left panel. Or, for a custom date range, select the start and end dates on the right (as shown). Click Apply.

View Table Data for Predictive Content

In the table, you can view which sources are enabled for predictive content, from left to right: Recommendation Bar, email, and Rich Media. Enabled sources are shown in green. You enable these when you edit the content

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Hover over the bar in the Conversion Rate column to view conversion rate, direct conversion, and clicked data.

Marketo definition

Conversion Rate: A percentage calculated by direct conversions divided by clicks

Direct Conversion: Visitors who clicked on recommended content and completed a form in the same visit

Clicked: Total clicks on recommended content (including all three sources)

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