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Sharing across Workspaces

Here's how to share assets across workspaces. It works the same for anything you want to share; this example shows segmentations. 

The Share Folder dialog box will only display workspaces you have permission to view.

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Create a new folder.

Name the folder you are going to share.

Move the asset(s) you want to share into the folder.

Right-click the folder and select Share Folder.

Select the workspace(s) you want to share the folder with
. Click 
and click Save.
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Marketo note
Marketo note
The originating folder will now have a little green arrow, indicating it was shared. In the workspace shared, the folder will have a padlock, indicating read-only.

You can share these items across workspaces.

Cloning across Workspaces

For assets that aren't templates, its best to clone them as local assets inside of a program.  With the proper access level, you can drag and drop these assets into another workspace:

  • Programs
  • Emails
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms

Moving Assets to other Workspaces

To move assets to a new workspace, put them into a folder and drag the folder over to the other workspace.

Marketo note

You can't move a program that contains members from one workspace to another.

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