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Tags are attributes to that describe your programs . They and are used to group program types in reporting.

Marketo deepdive

Learn about Managing Tag Types. 

Table of Contents

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Use a Tag in a Program

Select your program. Click Setup
Select the a tag.
Drag and drop a tag into the canvas.
Select a value from the drop-down. 
Click Save
Right on. You'll see the new tag in the canvas.
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Edit a Tag

Go to the Setup tab. Right-click the tag. Select Edit
Click the drop-down. Select a new value. 
Click Save
Great! You should see the edits reflected in the canvas. 
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Delete a Tag 

Go to
the Setup tab
the Setup tab. Right-click the tag and select Delete.
Select Delete. 
Select Delete
Click Delete to confirm.

High five! It's gone. Programs with consistent tags are make things much easier when you run your reports.