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Sending a group email with Sales Engage Connect enables you to contact multiple recipients at once with the same message. This eliminates the tedious task of copying and pasting the same information over and over into multiple emails.

Marketo note

Group email recipients each receive their own personalized message. We also deliver individual tracking statistics for each recipient.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on creating a new contact group (required in order to send multiple contacts a group email).

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Tout an Email to a Group

Navigate to the People page on our web application.
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If you're using the Gmail or Outlook plugin, you'll need to navigate to the web application to send a group email.

Select the group to be emailed.
Click the Email Group button.
Choose an email template.
Marketo tip

Each member of the group will receive the same email, so be sure the template includes dynamic fields in order to personalize each recipient's message.

Click Preview to review the email before sending.
When the email is ready, click Send.


Now, open up your Sales Engage Connect Live Feed and watch as your recipients start engaging with your email.

Marketo note

Recipients of a group email cannot tell they are part of a bulk send.