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  • Reduce Required Dependency on CRM
    • With the new option of defining Campaign rules within the Bizible settings, customers no longer need to jump through the hoops of installing a package or solution inside of their CRM to get started with Bizible. It’s now as easy as setting up an account, setting up the ad and CRM connections, then going through the standard settings and configurations. We expect that this will significantly improve onboarding times for our Sales Engineering team.
  • Discover GA
    • Discover is now out of beta and has started to roll rolling out to new customers. We’re also migrating our current customer base from Bizible Measure to Bizible Discover. With the shift from beta to GA, we’ve made updates to the database schema to allow for more efficient and complex queries.
  •  Single Sign-On
    • Single sign-on allows customers to sign into Customers can now sign in to the Bizible web application using their company’s identity provider and credentials, allowing us to comply with many enterprise security requirements.