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Numbered Headings

Tuning Your Model

Click the Model Tuning tab to tune your model.

There are several tabs to choose from, allowing for in-depth customization.

Indicator Categories
ComplianceCertifications, compliance-related positions/hiring.
OperationsOperations-related positions/hiring.
HRHR or Payroll software, HR-related positions/hiring.
EngineeringTechnologies, frameworks, engineering-related positions/hiring.
SalesSolutions and software for sales, sales-related positions/hiring.
IntentIntent indicators.
ITHardware and software solutions, technologies, IT-related positions/hiring.
FinanceFinance software, finance-related positions/hiring.
MarketingMarketing technologies and software, marketing-related positions/hiring.
BusinessForbes or Inc listings or business partnerships.
Customer Experience & RelationsCustomer success and customer relations positions/hiring.

Marketo note

A complete list of Indicator Categories can be found here. (LINK AFTER DOCS ARE OFFICIALLY RENAMED)

Hover over the tool tips for a description of each column.

Click the Add ICP Indicator drop-down to insert additional indicators into your model.

Checking the Export box allows you to see the ICP indicator on the Named Account details page, as well as use the selected ICP indicator as constraints in named account filters.

Marketo note

ICP indicators are included as constraints in Member of Named Account Filters and Triggers.

Indicator Weightage is what controls the level of importance each indicator receives in your model.

Click Refresh Model in order for those changes to take effect.

When you're done tuning your model (after you refresh it), go back to the Model Results tab and click Save & Apply Ranks.