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This feature is available on all Marketo email assets, regardless of how the email is sent (batch or trigger campaign). The CC recipient will receive an exact copy of the email sent to the chosen Marketo person. As such, any engagement activity (opens, clicks, etc.) will be logged to the activity log of the Marketo Person in the "To" line of the email. However, delivery activity (sent, delivered, hard bounce, etc.) other than “soft bounce” will not register, as Marketo is able to distinguish delivery events for the Marketo Person from the CC recipients'. Marketo will only CC up to 100k People at a time. If your smart list exceeds 100k and it's imperative every person on it gets CC'd, we recommend breaking your list up.

Marketo note

Email CC is not meant wasn't designed to be used with A/B Tests. You can use it anyway if you'd like, however as it's technically not supported, Marketo Support wouldn't be able to assist with any troubleshooting.

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